And the Winner is Amazon FBA

Ok, so the people who voted want to know more about selling with Amazon FBA… that’s what I’m gonna cover in detail. I’ll do this over the next few emails and include only the stuff you need to know to make money.
It’s been a while since I sent any emails since I’ve been on vacation to Egypt. I make a point of stopping work completely when on vacation but that does not stop it being a learning experience. Here’s what I saw……..I’m guessing that waiters, cleaners, pool staff etc make shit in terms of salary compared with the UK and the US. This makes tipping a good way of making some money, particularly when the people doing the tipping are on vacation and are therefore happy and relaxed. Yes?
Ok, so what I see is the same pattern as I see elsewhere……one or two who are prepared to put in the work and understand what needs to be done.
An example: one guy worked the pool which I used to sunbathe each morning. Nothing was too much trouble for him. 
He learned which beds I liked and they were positioned and ready every morning. 
He knew what I liked to drink and how often….I never had an empty glass. 
He did this with virtually all the people around this pool……result, lots of tips. I counted 47 tips one day, with an average of 5 Egyptian pounds value…….That’s around 30 dollars a day or 180 dollars a week!
His weekly salary would certainly be less than this…..
Another guy did not bother. It was all too much trouble. He looked and sounded miserable. He worked as hard as the first guy but got very little tips. 
Guess which one will find himself succeeding in life…….very quickly.
Its the same all over the world.
So, take a look at what I have to say about Amazon FBA selling and take some “pool guy” action.
Till next time
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Will You Queue on the Steps at Midnight?

I was told many years ago, by a very wise, rich and happy man, that you could stand on the steps of the local town hall at midnight and give out the secrets of wealth generation …..and most people could not be arsed to turn up.
Now ain’t that the truth.
An as example ……..
I offered to provide free advice on any aspect of making money online, be it with Kindle e-books, membership sites, product development, Amazon FBA selling or anything else. 
This stuff has taken me 7 years to learn and over ten thousand pounds (which is even more dollars) I made mistakes – lots of them but I kept going.
How many people bothered to vote about what they wanted to learn?………just 10. 
Yup, 10 people managed to click on the link to the site and then click again once to vote.
I rest my case m’lud…………….TEN PEOPLE…………..
If you were one of those ten then you are on your way to success because you have already started to differentiate yourselves from the lazy, the whiners and whingers, the losers and the deadbeats.
Think I’m being too hard? Tough. The people who succeed are the people who REALLY want to.
Till next time…….
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Remember the Valid Question?

A few days ago we talked about my six income streams…….remember?
So what action have you taken to develop at least one income stream?
No bull now……..what ACTION?
Now most people, when I ask this question, say something along the lines of:
“But I don’t know where to start”
The short answer is just start somewhere……take some action. Are you getting the message?
Which income stream will you develop?
My six income streams work for me………if one of them interests you then go vote for it on my poll over on the right hand side at the bottom of this page.
Go on…..take some action.
For the income stream that gets the most votes I’ll tell you much more about it, including where to start. 
The cost? Zip Nada Zilch.
Your call.
Till next time


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A Valid Question?

Someone asked me “do you only make money online with Kindle e-books?”
The short answer is no. 
I have six different income streams:

  • e-book sales – this is through KDP (Amazon), Createspace and Smashwords
  • My VIP Membership club, which takes over from the Kindle Laser Beam courses and presents a lesson each week for a year.
  • Amazon affiliate income – these are websites that I own which sell products on Amazon through which I get a commission.
I’m telling you this to make an important point……..never EVER rely on just one income stream. 
It’s risky and if there is any problem and you lose it then you end up deep in the smelly stuff. 
I could lose any one (or even more) of the above income streams and still be able to live. 
Make sure you create yourself more than one, and preferably more than three, income streams. 
Anything else is risky and will usually lead to more stress than you really need!
Till next time


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Another Fool Replies

Yesterdays email about unsubscribing got a mixed response including one that really made me smile. 
Witness it here:
‘If you have been annoyed by one person, you should not make all the others suffer because of that. My time is precious and I do not want to read anything like this email! Since I am building up something of my own against worst resistance of stalking people. And maybe you should stop judging people’s life. You never know how exactly their life looks like! Maybe someone is lying in their bed having a broken leg collection knowledge for the time after. Who knows. But I will do you a favour and unsubscribe”
Now I normally rely on politicians to give me food for my daily rant, but this gal even beat the politicians ability to make me rant like a foreign politician on crack. 
As my hero Mr T said “I got no time for the jibba-jabba”
I’ll judge who I want when I want…..its my right and I enjoy it. 
Don’t like it? Tough. 
Is she serious? 
Lying in bed “collecting knowledge”? 
What the freakin’ hell does that mean?
Seems to me that it’s just another excuse for taking no action. I can take action lying in my bed just as easily as sitting at my desk. Just need my trusty MacBook and my little old brain.
if you feel like taking some action then head over to the link below and have a read.
Till next time………………..when I turn up the heat.
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Why You Should Unsubscribe

Here’s what happened a few days ago.
I got an email from someone on my list whining that I don’t offer enough tips for making money by writing for the Kindle. I asked them how many Kindle books they had written………….
answer was zero. Zilch. 
Basically they had taken no action since buying my “The Kindle Laser Beam” course 6 months ago. 
No action?………….and they want more tips? 
What the hell for? 
So they can ignore them too?
I told em to unsubscribe…….they got angry. 
Made no difference to me. 
I only want to work with people who are serious about changing their lives. 
For the better.
I have no desire to work with (or even to hear from)………..
  • whiners who believe that someone else is responsible for their mundane, boring life-sucking job
  • whingers who think the world owes them a living
  • fools who think that the only thing they need to do is buy the next promise of untold riches for 40 bucks to become rich beyond their wildest dreams
  • losers who think that making money on the internet is an easy ride which requires no work
  • people who actually believe there are “secrets” to making money online (there aren’t)
If you recognise yourself in the above list then do yourself, and more importantly me, a favour and click on the unsubscribe link in my next email.
I can’t help you. 
If you really want to change your life this year then stay with me……..cos I’m gonna send you more emails. 
Probably 2 or 3 a week. 
I’ll make it no frills and no bull. 
I’ll comment on world events if I think you can learn something from them.
Sometimes I’ll even try to bribe you. With something I believe you need.
If you plan to make this year the same as last or take no real action then you really are better off unsubscribing now.
Till next time…………..if you choose to stay
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What the Iron Lady Can Teach Us Still

So, the Iron Lady herself is dead. There are not many people who don’t have an opinion about Margaret Thatcher but one things for sure, she was driven to do what she believed to be the right course of action.

Remember the falling out that the UK had with the Argentinians about the Falklands Islands?

She was advised that an attempt to retake the Islands would be impossible. She then directed the task force from over 8000 miles away to get on with it and we all know the result.

The Argentinians have been vocal about it again recently but no sign of actual action to try and take the Islands back again!

We can all take a leaf out of her book in my opinion. Why have a job where some dick-head treats you like crap and you have to take it. All because you have no other option.

You have no other option because you have taken no action give yourself other options.


You simply must take action to give yourself other income streams. Without it you are solely reliant on your job and your dick-head boss for your money. And we all know what that feels like.

When you are ready to take action take a leap over to my VIP Members Area, details here:

Speak soon
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The Internet Lifestyle

Most people I speak to or receive emails from generally ask me standard questions. Most want “passive income” and increasingly want to receive income without working. A word of warning from someone who has been there. It doesn’t exist. You always have to work. The secret is to work once and get paid many times.
So, what does this mean? Well the easiest way to explain is the old story of a village who want a steady supply of water. One company supplies labour to carry buckets from the local well to the village. More labour means more water.
A local guy decides that he will build a pipeline rather than rely on buckets and labour. He spends two years building a pipeline from the well to the village. All this time he receives questioning looks from the villagers who can’t understand why he works night and day on his project.
Finally the pipeline is ready and water starts to flow for a small proportion of the price that the company supplying labour for bucket carriers. The villagers know a good deal when they see one and sign up for pipeline water.
What’s the lesson here? Well, it’s always better to have a pipeline delivering water (money) automatically once the work has been completed. A poor option is to keep paying for labour (time) to keep delivering water. Stop paying and the water stops. 
Always better to be a dairy farmer than a beef farmer.
See what I mean?
You gotta concentrate on methods which deliver multiple units of income for one unit of work. This is how the rich stay rich.
Anyhows, if you want to find a way to build your pipeline check out my VIP Members Area now.
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The Losers Cry Again….

The losers of the world are at it again.

Somebody gets off their arse, makes things happen and strikes it rich. Inevitably using new technology based around the internet and mobile phone market.

Young Nick D’Aloisio launched a mobile app when he was just fifteen. He’s only seventeen now. The app simply summarises news bulletins. Simple,easy and pretty cool. He’s now sold it for somewhere between 20 and 30 million pounds.

Then the whinging and whining started.

“He’s too young to deal with that”

“lucky bastard”

“why does he need that much money?”

Well I have a different view. He rolled up his sleeves, did the work, attracted investors and sold out for millions. Excellent. What he does with his own money has nothing to with anyone else. Keep your nose out and congratulate an action taker. 

We need more of them.

I’ll bet that he won’t sit back and count his money. Action takers never do. 

The only way of making money is to take action and DO SOMETHING. 

When you want some guidance check out:




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Why Sebastian Vettel was Right!

The recent heavy snow here in the UK made it a weekend of staying in and chilling out with the family. It’s been a busy time lately what with planning a new “Laser Beam” product and a ton of other internet marketing stuff, so I did one of those things that I almost never do…….I watched TV! 

Even worse than that, I watched Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Normally I find that I’d rather watch paint dry….far more exciting.

This time it was different….. Mark Webber led from lap six, and Sebastian Vettel kept asking the Red Bull management to make Webber move over for him. Quite right. If you’re not good enough to win then move over and get the hell out of there.

Vettel is a very driven (hey pardon the pun) guy and he knows he is the best racing driver in the world. So he rightly ignored “the management”, left Webber in his wake and won the race.
Webber then behaved like a spoilt child. 

Now I find that there are demands for Vettel to be banned for a period for daring to win!

Give me a break will ya. 

The rules are the same the world over.

The winners win and the losers cry. Period.

The beauty is that you choose to be either one or the other.

People whine that

  • “the world’s not fair”, or
  • “I’ve been made redundant”, or
  • “it’s the government’s fault”.
Wise up. It ain’t nobodies fault but your own.

Tough line? You betcha.

If you wanna start taking control then jump into my VIP Members Area.

If not then carry on doing what you’re doing.

You’ll get the same results as you are getting now.

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Crisis in Cyprus? What Crisis?

Just thought I’d drop by and say thank you to all those who checked out my free Kindle Sales Page Creator……I’d love it if you showed me your creations…..just leave a comment and link on the KSP page at:

On another note, have you see the amazing scenes in Cyprus? I’m not surprised there were riots last week……the government screw it up and then steal money from peoples bank accounts. Frickin unbelievable and all the more reason to get yourself another income that is independent of a reliance on savings or even a job.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen in your country…….it can and it will be tried again in Europe at least and maybe even in the “good ole USA”.

Sure they might say it could never happen but all they need to do is call it a tax and that’s it. You won’t even be able to get your money out cos they’ll freeze your account.

If you want to create your own income on a regular basis then it don’t come any better than selling books on the Kindle and other ebook platforms.

Now I’m not addressing those people who just think about it without taking action……..someone emailed me the other day and said that they couldn’t afford my VIP Members Area. I agreed with them.

If you can’t afford $27 a month for someone to show you exactly how to create an independent income stream then your priorities rightly lie elsewhere.

So ONLY for those of you who are ready – check it out at:


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Wanna Make Your Kindle Sales Page ZING?

One of the requirements to get your kindle books noticed is to make sure the listing on Amazon is as good as you can make it. You need to make it really stand out. My advice is to add colour, bold, underline and images. For a recent children’s book I added some screenshots to highlight the illustrations in the book. You can see the result here:

Notice both the images and the Amazon orange for the titles?

There is a little known technique for adding images and fonts like this.

Amazon actually allows something called “encoded” HTML in a sales page. This might sound difficult but I have a free tool to make it happen.

All you need to do is log into the tool and then add the text for your sales page together with links to your images. The site will then automatically encode the sales page. You simply copy and paste this code into your Amazon sales page! It’s as easy as that.

Check it out here:

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Why do Jobs Suck?

I got to thinking that jobs suck a long time ago. In my world a “job” is simply an exchange of time for money and this is where the whole idea starts to fall apart for me. If I have to keep exchanging my time for money then its always going to be a hamster wheel…….keep running if you want to get paid. I have a real problem with this and its really time to move to more modern thinking.

The problem I have is that “jobs” are a complete waste of human potential. Take a look at people on your way to work – how many look happy and fulfilled? Not many I bet?  The Lottery is popular for a reason.

Life should be much more about spending time with other humans and enjoying the learning and social interaction that results.

I love to read and two books I came across recently took these thoughts to another level. The two books were:

Get Out While You Can: Escape The Rat Race

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

George takes the idea of a “job” and tears it apart. As he says

Karl Marx got it wrong.

Religion isn’t the opium of the masses. Work is

Now that really got me thinking about the amount of time we spend away from those we love – spouses, children, parents – and all in the name of a job and work. The idea is totally flawed.

Michael’s book discusses that to be really free you should work ON a business and not IN a business. The example he gives is McDonalds and he takes a detailed look at why they are so successful. He proposes that a successful business is one that continues even when you are not there.

So if jobs suck – what’s the alternative?

Now this really got me thinking – everyone needs money to live and few enjoy having a job and exchanging masses of their time for that money. So what is needed is a way of spending some time and earning money from that one use of time over and over again. The same chunk of time should continually earn you money. How best to do this?

It seemed to me that the recent innovation of the internet probably offered a solution. Here was a medium that is used by billions of people and the real advantage is that most if not all business processes could be automated. Businesses are pretty simple when you break them down. Find a need, then satisfy it at the minimum cost while still giving the customer what they need. The internet can be used to do this – you can reach millions of people without leaving your home. You can satisfy their needs. You can do this at almost zero cost.

All this led me to write three books – books which present ways of exchanging the same fixed chunk of time working and earning money time after time. Each book represent a milestone in my thought processes…….

The first book was How to Build an Article Writing Business and Earn $100 an Hour!

I love to write and most writers earn peanuts from their craft. The book develops a series of lessons which demonstrate that its absolutely possible to earn $100 an hour from writing…….

The second was The Google News Bible – Get Massive Traffic Without Work! and concentrated on the idea of creating websites which would appear on page one of Google for hundreds of search terms without the need to build backlinks or other SEO techniques. Such websites would also attract thousands of visitors without the owner actually doing any work at all.

The third book was Lazy Passive Earnings, and it provides a detailed account of buying established websites which are already making an income. It provides a detailed step by step method that you can follow to create yourself a passive income.

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