A Valid Question?

Someone asked me “do you only make money online with Kindle e-books?”
The short answer is no. 
I have six different income streams:

  • e-book sales – this is through KDP (Amazon), Createspace and Smashwords
  • My VIP Membership club, which takes over from the Kindle Laser Beam courses and presents a lesson each week for a year.
  • Amazon affiliate income – these are websites that I own which sell products on Amazon through which I get a commission.
I’m telling you this to make an important point……..never EVER rely on just one income stream. 
It’s risky and if there is any problem and you lose it then you end up deep in the smelly stuff. 
I could lose any one (or even more) of the above income streams and still be able to live. 
Make sure you create yourself more than one, and preferably more than three, income streams. 
Anything else is risky and will usually lead to more stress than you really need!
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