And the Winner is Amazon FBA

Ok, so the people who voted want to know more about selling with Amazon FBA… that’s what I’m gonna cover in detail. I’ll do this over the next few emails and include only the stuff you need to know to make money.
It’s been a while since I sent any emails since I’ve been on vacation to Egypt. I make a point of stopping work completely when on vacation but that does not stop it being a learning experience. Here’s what I saw……..I’m guessing that waiters, cleaners, pool staff etc make shit in terms of salary compared with the UK and the US. This makes tipping a good way of making some money, particularly when the people doing the tipping are on vacation and are therefore happy and relaxed. Yes?
Ok, so what I see is the same pattern as I see elsewhere……one or two who are prepared to put in the work and understand what needs to be done.
An example: one guy worked the pool which I used to sunbathe each morning. Nothing was too much trouble for him. 
He learned which beds I liked and they were positioned and ready every morning. 
He knew what I liked to drink and how often….I never had an empty glass. 
He did this with virtually all the people around this pool……result, lots of tips. I counted 47 tips one day, with an average of 5 Egyptian pounds value…….That’s around 30 dollars a day or 180 dollars a week!
His weekly salary would certainly be less than this…..
Another guy did not bother. It was all too much trouble. He looked and sounded miserable. He worked as hard as the first guy but got very little tips. 
Guess which one will find himself succeeding in life…….very quickly.
Its the same all over the world.
So, take a look at what I have to say about Amazon FBA selling and take some “pool guy” action.
Till next time
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