Another Fool Replies

Yesterdays email about unsubscribing got a mixed response including one that really made me smile. 
Witness it here:
‘If you have been annoyed by one person, you should not make all the others suffer because of that. My time is precious and I do not want to read anything like this email! Since I am building up something of my own against worst resistance of stalking people. And maybe you should stop judging people’s life. You never know how exactly their life looks like! Maybe someone is lying in their bed having a broken leg collection knowledge for the time after. Who knows. But I will do you a favour and unsubscribe”
Now I normally rely on politicians to give me food for my daily rant, but this gal even beat the politicians ability to make me rant like a foreign politician on crack. 
As my hero Mr T said “I got no time for the jibba-jabba”
I’ll judge who I want when I want…..its my right and I enjoy it. 
Don’t like it? Tough. 
Is she serious? 
Lying in bed “collecting knowledge”? 
What the freakin’ hell does that mean?
Seems to me that it’s just another excuse for taking no action. I can take action lying in my bed just as easily as sitting at my desk. Just need my trusty MacBook and my little old brain.
if you feel like taking some action then head over to the link below and have a read.
Till next time………………..when I turn up the heat.
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