Crisis in Cyprus? What Crisis?

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On another note, have you see the amazing scenes in Cyprus? I’m not surprised there were riots last week……the government screw it up and then steal money from peoples bank accounts. Frickin unbelievable and all the more reason to get yourself another income that is independent of a reliance on savings or even a job.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen in your country…….it can and it will be tried again in Europe at least and maybe even in the “good ole USA”.

Sure they might say it could never happen but all they need to do is call it a tax and that’s it. You won’t even be able to get your money out cos they’ll freeze your account.

If you want to create your own income on a regular basis then it don’t come any better than selling books on the Kindle and other ebook platforms.

Now I’m not addressing those people who just think about it without taking action……..someone emailed me the other day and said that they couldn’t afford my VIP Members Area. I agreed with them.

If you can’t afford $27 a month for someone to show you exactly how to create an independent income stream then your priorities rightly lie elsewhere.

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