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Most people I speak to or receive emails from generally ask me standard questions. Most want “passive income” and increasingly want to receive income without working. A word of warning from someone who has been there. It doesn’t exist. You always have to work. The secret is to work once and get paid many times.
So, what does this mean? Well the easiest way to explain is the old story of a village who want a steady supply of water. One company supplies labour to carry buckets from the local well to the village. More labour means more water.
A local guy decides that he will build a pipeline rather than rely on buckets and labour. He spends two years building a pipeline from the well to the village. All this time he receives questioning looks from the villagers who can’t understand why he works night and day on his project.
Finally the pipeline is ready and water starts to flow for a small proportion of the price that the company supplying labour for bucket carriers. The villagers know a good deal when they see one and sign up for pipeline water.
What’s the lesson here? Well, it’s always better to have a pipeline delivering water (money) automatically once the work has been completed. A poor option is to keep paying for labour (time) to keep delivering water. Stop paying and the water stops. 
Always better to be a dairy farmer than a beef farmer.
See what I mean?
You gotta concentrate on methods which deliver multiple units of income for one unit of work. This is how the rich stay rich.
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