The Losers Cry Again….

The losers of the world are at it again.

Somebody gets off their arse, makes things happen and strikes it rich. Inevitably using new technology based around the internet and mobile phone market.

Young Nick D’Aloisio launched a mobile app when he was just fifteen. He’s only seventeen now. The app simply summarises news bulletins. Simple,easy and pretty cool. He’s now sold it for somewhere between 20 and 30 million pounds.

Then the whinging and whining started.

“He’s too young to deal with that”

“lucky bastard”

“why does he need that much money?”

Well I have a different view. He rolled up his sleeves, did the work, attracted investors and sold out for millions. Excellent. What he does with his own money has nothing to with anyone else. Keep your nose out and congratulate an action taker. 

We need more of them.

I’ll bet that he won’t sit back and count his money. Action takers never do. 

The only way of making money is to take action and DO SOMETHING. 

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