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Why the World’s Largest Online Retailer Paid Me $3,232 for One Weeks Work And How You Can Get Them To Do The Same For You!

My Previous Life

My name is Colin Phillips and up until 18 months ago I worked hard, very hard. Often I worked 60 and sometimes 80 hours a week.

Then something happened to change my life and it taught me how to work far fewer hours for far more money. Like over 3,000 bucks for one weeks work AND the money for that work still keeps coming. In the next ten years I estimate that I will receive over $20,000 for that ONE week of work.

I’m not talking about highly skilled work either. If you are reading this and can tap a few keys on a computer then you have all the skills you need to do the same.


Then It Happened

Here’s what happened to change my life.

I reached the age of fifty with a very good job that I enjoyed enormously but which required between 60 and 80 hours a week of my time working damned hard.

Now anyone with any street smarts will tell you that any job with any real responsibility will require you to work far more hours than those for which you get paid………… least if you have the work ethic and want to do the best job you can.

I had celebrated my birthday in the August and then came two events that changed my life forever.

The first event was the death of my father from bladder cancer on September 26th. I won’t go into any further details of such a personal matter, but those of you who have lost a loved one will know the feeling of abject loss that this can bring.


I Could Have Died

The second event, on October 16th, was a serious seizure, whilst out shopping with my wife, that was so intense that my shoulder was dislocated and my right arm broken.

I took this as a serious sign that I needed to change my lifestyle and slow down. I could have been driving at the moment of the seizure, with potentially fatal consequences, so it was good to get a second chance.

Surgery and 3 metal screws were required to start the healing process. Then several months of rest, physiotherapy and two months enforced absence from work. During this period I had lots of time to think.


How Could I Earn Money Without Working So Damned Hard?

What I needed was to work once and then get paid for the same work over and over again. I also wanted to be able to do this while sitting at home, or anywhere else in the world that I chose.

I wasn’t sure that this was actually possible but I had the hours stretching in front of me so I started researching and reading about all the work from home opportunities I could find. I spent hundreds of hours looking at hundreds of different schemes. Some were quite simply a scam. Others required so much work that I would be just trading one job for another. Then the day came.

When I found what I was looking for, it was so simple I didn’t believe it at first. In fact I spent several weeks going over what I had found thinking there had to be a flaw in my research. No, it all looked correct and I set about creating a product that took me just over 5 days. It wasn’t difficult, and it could even be outsourced if required!


A Week of Work Made Me $3,232, And The Money Still Keeps Coming!

What was this product?

It was a short e-book, which I placed for sale on the Kindle platform on Amazon.

Before you think that you could never do this, let me tell you that I felt the same. I couldn’t write particularly well, and what would I write about?

All good questions but I went ahead, wrote a simple little e-book anyway and then taught myself how to format it for the Kindle, and finally how to make it a best seller on Amazon.

That first book took me just over 5 days to write and every month since then (this was January 2011) Amazon have sent money to my bank account for each copy they sell – every single month without fail.

To date they have sent me precisely $3,231.07 and the only other work I have done on the book is when I updated it once by adding an extra picture in March 2012.

The book I wrote was called “Lazy Passive Earnings” and you can see it in the Kindle Store on Amazon. Check it out for yourself.

The method is also scalable simply by writing more than one e-book. Since that first e-book, I have self published another 24 books, very few of which I wrote myself.


You Can Do The Same – Work Just One Week And Get Paid Over and Over

The good news is that you can do the same and start earning money over and over again for the same piece of work! You won’t have to figure out how to do it because I’ve produced a detailed course, which shows you exactly what to do, step by step.


The VIP Members Course – No Skills Required

The only skill you will need is the ability to follow simple instructions:

  • You don’t need to be able to write
  • You don’t need to know about business or marketing – Amazon does the hard work for you.
  • You don’t need to worry about taking the money for your e-books or delivering them, it’s all taken care of by Amazon! 

Just Some of What You Get in the VIP Members Course:

  • A free copy of my e-book “How to Be a Bestselling Kindle Author
  • Free copies of my best selling e-books, The Kindle Laser Beam Course and The Advanced Kindle Laser Beam Course
  • How to research the content used to create an e-book
  • The secret resource to format your e-book for the Kindle for just $0.03 per book
  • How to create a winning sales page on Amazon which sucks in those sales
  • A free copy of my revolutionary Kindle Sales Page software
  • How to protect your Paypal account from being frozen
  • Why giving away part of your e-book will make you more sales
  • How to collect the email addresses of people who are interested in your e-book and how to make money from them
  • The best products for Kindle e-book promotion (I’ve tested them)
  • The website where people will help to sell your e-book and how you should use it
  • Why and how you should create a “Warrior Special Offer”
  • The only time you should ever use Kindle Select
  • The website where you can get people to market your e-book for next to nothing
  • The special websites where you can advertise your e-books for FREE
  • The best books on creating and publishing Kindle e-books
  • How and where to outsource the writing of your e-books, including a free legal agreement template for you and your writer
  • How to get your e-book listed in the top ten in a specific category in the Kindle Store for your chosen keywords
  • Where you can get people to provide links back to your Amazon sales page
  • Which other e-book selling platforms you should be using to sell your e-books and why
  • Why you should create physical copies of your e-book and how to do it
  • The niche that is taking off big time and why you should be in it RIGHT NOW
  • How to set up your own website to sell your e-book and the FREE software that I use
  • The special authors program which advertises your e-books to avid readers
  • How to create a video to advertise your e-book – the cost is zero and anyone can do it
  • Why changing categories on Amazon is a good idea
  • The Kindle Singles program and why you should submit your work to it
  • How to get Google to sell your e-book for you
  • How to get Amazon to give you more money for each e-book of yours that they sell
  • How to use Ebay to sell your e-books
  • How to get your physical book delivered anywhere on the planet without leaving your armchair
  • How to quadruple your effectiveness as a Kindle author 

Easy Weekly Lessons At a Massive Discount!

The course is delivered in the form of weekly lessons, drip-fed one a week so you have plenty of time to absorb the lesson and carry out the instructions. It’s as easy as that.

You get one lesson a week for as long as you want and you can stop at any time without any obligation. Of course, that would be a pretty dumb thing to do. Where else could you get this kind of material at this kind of price?

Did I mention the price? Well normally this stuff costs just $27 a month, which is pretty amazing value but today I’m not asking you to pay that. For a very limited number of people I am going to make a very special offer.

Today you can get a full year’s lessons – that’s 52 valuable lessons for just $52.

That’s one buck a week.

What’s more I’ll let you pay over 4 months – the princely sum of $13 a month for 4 months!

Now tell me – Is your future worth one buck a week?

Is financial freedom worth one buck a week?

If you don’t think so, then this product is not for you. You need to continue searching for the free “secrets” that will make your fortune. Good luck with that one.

How to Join

If, however, you are willing to risk one buck a week then you need to act now as the offer is strictly time limited.

There are four simple steps to join my VIP Members course:

1. Go to

2. Click on the word “Join” in the menu part way down the page.

3. Fill in the form you find there. It will ask you for your name, an email address, a password and a coupon code. The coupon code for this massive discounted offer is;


4. You will be directed to Fill in either your details or your credit card details.

That’s it!

Financial Freedom Awaits

To get your first lesson, click on the word “Content” in the menu. One more lesson will automatically be added each week.

You now have the keys to your new life: a life of financial freedom and choice, without hours and hours of work: the choice to work once and get paid for the same work over and over again.

The future is yours to create.

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