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“Sadly, many (most?) books written about marketing on the Kindle are simply rehashes of other books written about marketing on the Kindle – and written by people who perhaps “talk the talk” but haven’t “walked the walk.” No so with this book. Colin has been writing and marketing Kindle books for about as long as they have been around. And he shares personal details (in real dollars and cents) of the successes and failures he’s experienced.

This is information I have not seen anywhere else.

After reading his first book (you did buy it, didn’t you? ) I had to wonder what he was going to do for a sequel. After all, the first book reduced the likelihood of success with marketing a Kindle book to a simple formula that anyone can apply. The sequel turns out to be quite different, but equally as powerful. It is full of practical information (and a few surprises). You can read many summaries of the Advanced Course on this thread, so I won’t cover that. But let me ask you this…

How many books would you need to sell to pay for this WSO, if you are selling those books for $2.99 and getting 70% royalties from Amazon? And what if you implemented just the one strategy that Colin reveals on Page 23 that raises average sales page rank of from 77,290 to 27,457? This is a truly valuable product worth several times what Colin has priced it at – and that doesn’t even take the bonus software into account.”


from DoubleOhDave
“I was fortunate enough to have Colin help me (gratis) on a thread where i asked about formatting because I was really struggling. His advice changed the way I looked at formatting – no more struggling with Word! And since his advice was so good I joined up his list to get his formatting guide free (his blog site is worth a look too).. I am very glad i did as I knew this would be quality when I saw his name attached.
There’s only a few Warriors I would jump to it to grab a WSO from and Colin is now one of those Warriors. This is bargain material (NOT bargain basement) and I am chuffed”

from Rob54
“This information is not just excellent, it is dynamite in the hands of a dedicated publisher without worrying if Amazon/Kindle will have TOS issues with it or the model and tactics contained will dim in power shorty like a cheap light bulb like so many Kindle “tricks” being promoted today on the WF with only 100th of the research time involved

Colin Phillips

Colin Phillips, Kindle VIP

Dear Up & Coming Kindle Publisher,

Every day, thousands of people search Amazon for a Kindle book, and they’re looking to buy . . . if YOU want to grab and, importantly, KEEP your share of this ever growing market, this will be the most important page you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

If you’ve ever tried to list a Kindle book on Amazon, you’ll know the frustration of being limited to boring black text and zero formatting options, unless you’re a technical wizard or you can read & write HTML language as easily as you do English.

People have been trying to sell you business opportunities for years. For every new product released, the claims grow more outrageous every year, and more and more people are flooding your inbox talking about the next big thing.

And of course, Kindle publishing has been marketed to you this way…but I’m here to tell YOU…all the so-called gurus are dead wrong about how they teach you to sell Kindle books

Of course you can’t blame them for trying, after all, the Kindle platform is one of the fastest growing marketing media on the planet, thanks to the amazing team at Amazon. It’s a fair bet that pretty much everyone you know is aware of the Kindle and what it does.

So you don’t have to ‘educate‘ or convince anyone on the benefits of buying your book on the Kindle vs other ways, such as downloading a PDF, or even a paper-and-ink version.

This is because, quite simply, the Kindle is just so damn easy to read! If you’ve ever tried to sit down and read a PDF file longer than 20 or 30 pages on your computer, you’ll know just how easy on the eye the Kindle is.

Plus, Amazon has created a unique marketplace, where everyone goes to find their Kindle ebooks. Not just smart people. Not even most people. If someone wants a Kindle book, the place they’re going to get it is Amazon.

Don’t even try to create a paper-and-ink ‘bookstore’ style book. The post office is raising their fees all the time, trying to compete with the internet. Shipping fees are becoming real ‘deal killers’ for otherwise keen buyers, and regular bookstores are going out of business all over the world.

So when you want to sell a product, sell it on the internet. And not just anywhere, put it where people are looking for it. Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.

Here’s the problem – Just about all Kindle sales pages look the same – there’s nothing to stop the viewer in their tracks and demand their attention, however . . . all this has changed . . .

Kindle Laser Beam VIP

from Raztek
“I grabbed a copy as soon as I saw the email about this one. And I have to say that I think it is worth every penny.

Colin goes over five areas of writing and publishing for Kindle, but this is different than any other Kindle WSO I’ve ever bought. The real gem is the first part about understanding sales. He analyzed 18 months worth of data regarding pricing, covers, reviews, etc. and came up with a formula (literally – he gives you an Excel formula) that you can use to predict sales based on your sales rank. Sure it’s not exact, but still…the time spent to do this is amazing.

And then the info about pricing and how it has affected sales – priceless. I see people putting up 99 cents ebooks all the time, and once you read this WSO, you’ll realize why this is costing you money. He also gives great ideas on outsourcing, formatting, and promoting. My recommendation: BUY IT!”

Introducing…Kindle VIP - Your ticket to selling more Kindle books in a month than 99% of authors sell in an entire year!

This is the power of this kind of Kindle marketing – YOU are about to discover the closely guarded secrets to making serious money in the Kindle Marketplace, which other Kindle authors simply do NOT want YOU to know!

However, before we get into this any further, Kindle VIP is NOT:

  • Kindle VIP does NOT try to teach you to be a brilliant writer, a Michael Crichton or a Tolstoy. In fact, the simpler your language, the more ‘down-to-earth’ you are, the better!
  • Kindle VIP also is NOT about trying to hit that one-in-a-million home run book which sells millions of copies and makes you an ‘overnight success’ . . . I’ll show YOU how to make ‘big dollars with small numbers’ – just selling a handful of books per day will be enough to create the lifestyle YOU want
  • Kindle VIP is NOT about spamming people with links to your Kindle ebooks, spending hours posting links on facebook & twitter, forums, blogs, or any other time consuming & shady marketing methods…your buyers will come to YOU
  • Kindle VIP does NOT need you to ‘sell’ anything, you don’t have to convince your family and friends to buy your ebook, when you have a Kindle VIP style sales page working for you . . . people will rush to buy your ebook
  • Kindle VIP is NOT designed to help you write books which may make people feel good, or make a point, or are otherwise great books - but they don’t sell . . . my focus is very much on getting YOUR Kindle books SOLD!
  • Kindle VIP does NOT present a blackboard full of theories about what might work, it’s not an academic study by some egghead professor stuck in a classroom his entire career, this is based on real world results, on my extensive experience
  • Kindle VIP is NOT self improvement, you won’t hear any motivational speakers, this is not about vague concepts or wishy-washy ideas, this is all about specific 1-2-3 answers, how-to information, and above all . . . results
  • Kindle VIP is NOT a quickly put together collection of rehashed materials, recycling others’ work and sticking new labels over old ones, this is a unique body of work based on my personal Kindle selling experiences
  • Kindle VIP is NOT network marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, CPA, mlm, or any other ‘Internet Marketing’ style you’ve heard about . . . it’s literally like nothing you’ve ever seen before . . which is exactly why it WORKS

The Kindle VIP program is designed to take all the hard-to-understand, technical work out of Kindle publishing and allow you to bring across your passion for your subject, to the reader of your sales page, without having to worry about computer programming languages which take years of study to master.

Picture it . . . instead of having to trudge off to work next Monday morning, you get up and have a leisurely breakfast, feeling excited about the day ahead. Then, when you turn on your computer, you see all your Kindle sales which have come through during the night, as you slept. You get a warm, comforting feeling knowing people have paid to download your books to their Kindles during the night, and will keep on doing so all day.

Imagine . . . finally being able to live the life of your dreams:

  • Head down to your favorite coffee shop to relax, catch up with friends, sip coffee all day
  • Live absolutely anywhere in the world YOU want to live, as long as there is an internet connection, YOU can live there
  • Drive the car YOU want to drive, vacation in places YOU want to visit
  • Donate money to your favorite charity, or your church, be able to help others without having to worry about your own finances
  • Hit the golf course any time you want, or see a movie, head to the beach, whatever you like

Imagine just how better this feels than being virtually forced to slave away at a job you hate, for a boss who makes twice as much as you do, without seeming to appreciate your efforts one bit.

The tension will slip from your shoulders as a feeling of comfort and bliss replaces it, powered by the knowledge YOU are in total control of your financial future, not some faceless corporation ready to leave you behind at the drop of a hat. It’s amazing how easy it is to sleep at night, knowing the pressure is gone from your life and YOU are in control, and getting things done.

from homburg
“Hi Colin. I’ve been lurking at this forum for a few years now, and bought various WSOs, many of which often have a small kernel of an interesting idea, nestled in a thick coat of padding. Some are even insulting. But this one is by far the best I’ve read: instead of writing 100 words per page of a ‘book’ you’ve written proper pages of content which is interesting and very informative. Real data from proper analysis is rare and worth having. Your formula seems to corroborate the well-known info at the fonerbooks site. The bonus PDF about paid traffic is also excellent and very educational.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt motivated to review a WSO. I’m a writer, editor and designer by profession (also in the UK), so all the usual stuff about producing books is not what I want to know – it’s how to market them. This has given me a lot to think about, So I’m certainly interested in the sequel!”

Look, it’s not YOUR fault. Even in this day and age, we’re still taught to work hard, inch your way up the corporate ladder, and retire at 65.

However, this world no longer exists. The few hundred thousand dollars you’ll have upon retirement won’t last long. And the average career statistically lasts only 5 years. You’ll never get rich working for someone else, you’re only making the boss rich.

There’s also the huge numbers of ‘fly-by-night’ snake-oil-sellers, promising you millions of dollars if you’ll just give them all your hard-earned cash. Shameless promoters have been selling their ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes for too long. One day we’re told the health industry is the future, the next day it’s something else. I mean, who do you trust?

This isn’t hype. This isn’t someone else’s product. This isn’t a $10 per hour job offer. This is YOUR chance to secure your future, by following some simple guidelines and taking action.

Here’s what the Kindle VIP program will do for YOU:

  • Makes YOU money while you sleep – literally! No phone calls to take, no orders to ship, no ‘work’ to do at all – Amazon does everything for you
  • Makes YOU a published author – if you’ve ever wanted to see your name up in lights, as the author of a book, Amazon can make it happen! Now you can expose your material to literally millions of people all over the world – people who are looking to buy what you’re selling
  • And as a professional published Kindle VIP author, YOU can sell more Kindle books in a single month, than most authors sell all year long! This is about consistent sales, not trying to fluke that one-in-a-million book to become the next JK Rowling (Harry Potter) or E.L. James (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
  • Write once, get paid over and over – once the ball is rolling, you could find yourself making sale after sale after sale to Kindle readers, getting constant sales for years after you publish even just one Kindle book
  • Gives you peace of mind – I know from experience, once you get used to seeing Kindle sales coming in constantly, a huge weight will slip from your shoulders and you will finally be able to focus on growth, rather than simply keeping your head above water
  • Makes writing a fantastic sales pages easy . . . if you’ve ever browsed for Kindle books, you’ll know just how boring and dull most Kindle sales pages are. However, with the Kindle plugin, YOUR sales pages will be eye-catching, leading to more sales, without having to learn any programming languages or hiring overpriced experts to do it for you
  • Step by step blueprint to success – if you’re like me, you’ve bought some marketing products which sound great, however you have to slog through hundreds and hundreds of pages just to dig up a few actionable items, it’s just too hard. However . . . the unique Kindle VIP program gives you bite sized chunks which you can easily get through, get the value, and most importantly get results
  • Positive return on investment! Once you have the knowledge you need, selling tons of Kindle books is actually a very simple & formulaic process which once mastered, has the potential to make YOU a full time income

And much more! In fact, once you join the Kindle VIP program, you will quickly realize you’re in the right place at the right time.

But . . . I Want To Write A Blockbuster Novel And Get Rich

Hitting a home run like a Harry Potter novel, or Fifty Shades Of Grey, would no doubt be an awesome experience. Only a few hours ago, I saw a TV report which said Fifty Shades Of Grey was selling as much as a million dollars worth a week, worldwide. And JK Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter novels, has become a billionaire after writing the books.

Such dreams of massive overnight success are tempting, yet I don’t encourage them because you simply don’t need to strive for such incredible levels of success. I’ll say it again . . . YOU do not need to write the next blockbuster book to make serious money in the Kindle marketplace. Even quite modest results have the potential to put you into the top 1% of income earners.

For example, let’s say you have a modest 10 Kindle books available. They don’t need to be long books, they don’t have to be difficult to write, as you’ll discover in the Kindle VIP program.

10 Kindle books, selling just one copy per day, at an average price of $5, (the actual average price of a Kindle book is $6.48 according to Booklr), equals $50 per day, and $1,500 over a 30-day month.

Who couldn’t use an extra $1,500 every month?

However . . . after the Kindle VIP program:

  • YOU will have a lot more than 10 titles in the Kindle marketplace
  • YOU will sell a lot more than one single copy per day
  • . . . and YOU will sell them for more than the average price of a Kindle book

So even if you stick with your 10 Kindle books, but you raise the average price to $7.50, and you create awesome Kindle sales pages to up your sales figure to 2 sales per day, now you‘re getting $150 a day, and a very handy $4,500 per month.

Just imagine . . . at some point in the near future, YOU will have hundreds of Kindle books for sale . . . and if each one is selling just a handful of copies a day . . . YOU will never need to work a 9-5 job again in your life.

Here’s what YOU are getting in your Kindle VIP program:

“Power-Packed, Workable Weekly Modules – The Centerpiece Of Your Kindle VIP Program”

Kindle VIP

Welcome to the exciting world of Kindle success! If you’ve published Kindle books before and have been positively underwhelmed with the results, if your sales are slow and your cashflow non-existent, YOU are about to discover the secrets most other Kindle publishers don’t want you to know.

Every week YOU will receive a brand new bite-sized chunk of Kindle publishing gold you can use to grab the edge over your competition and finally make serious money on the Kindle platform.

Why do I deliver content weekly, rather than all at once?

Great question. The answer is simply because it’s much easier to digest and take action on smaller chunks of information each week, rather than having it all shoved in your face in one go. Some marketers try to use sheer ‘bulk’ to make their products seem better. I don’t.

In fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information, with many products you get so much information, how do you know where to begin? With the Kindle VIP program, you know exactly where to begin.

And once you do get started, you’ll discover:

  • If you’re using Microsoft Word to format your Kindle book, you could be creating a book which won’t display properly on the Kindle screen . . and if it looks terrible, sales will be terrible. Check out the FREE Kindle report you get in the Introductory Module for a FREE online software to make your Kindle book look like it was formatted by a professional publisher
  • Getting a book cover done on Also in this module, I reveal the names of two Fiverr workers who I’ve gotten great results from . . . no need for YOU to experiment with unknown and untested workers
  • Kindle Marketing Secret: An outrageous method using a FREE trial . . . which has resulted in one title being downloaded as many as 4,000 times in 24 hours, then becoming my best selling title
  • What are the two crucial criteria you must know about any niche, before you even get started on a Kindle book in that niche? You’ll find out in Week One, and it’s in Week One because if you don’t have this vital information, your Kindle success will be severely hampered
  • Also featured: A step by step demonstration of exactly how YOU can find highly desirable, low competition niches YOU can dominate without too much trouble. Why go up against established authors when you can easily pick off this ‘low hanging fruit’? See the members area for details
  • Should you have a longer Kindle sales page to fully describe your book, or a shorter sales page which won’t take people long to read? My brand new research reveals which one sells more – longer or shorter pages. Miss this and your sales must suffer!
  • Finally revealed: How YOU can create a dynamite Kindle sales page, which looks like it was formatted by professionals, without learning all the ‘html code’ or spending hundreds or thousands on a programmer . . . the Kindle Sales Page Creator plugin does all the programming for you! Simply add the plugin to any WordPress site, create your page and copy and paste the results into your Kindle sales page.It could not be simpler – if YOU can right click a mouse, then copy and paste some text from a box, YOU can have a fresh looking, formatted sales page which looks a million dollars . . . selling more of your Kindle books
  • Important: Four critical tips to creating the best Kindle sales page possible . . . get this wrong and your sales page will turn people off before they even have a chance to read what you’ve written
  • Selling YOUR Book Outside The Kindle Marketplace:Get the information which the Warrior Forum were too afraid to allow me to sell as a WSO! If you’re going to sell books outside of the Kindle marketplace, (an incredible opportunity to multiply your sales), then you’re going to need PayPal . . . however, minor issues, even non-issues can get your PayPal account frozen – this critical information will give you easy to follow steps to avoid this disaster
  • How to use the ‘Free Chapter’ strategy correctly to generate a landslide of sales of your Kindle book . . . make sure you follow these guidelines to the letter, because if you get this wrong people will download but they won’t buy
  • How to set up your electronic follow-up marketing funnel – once people give you their email address, what you do after this is make-or-break for your success! Your website could sell tons more of your book than via the Kindle marketplace . . . OR it could end up just like millions of websites which never make a single sale . . . this information is going to make all the difference

These Kindle VIP strategies form the base of a very profitable, and fun business selling books on the Kindle platform. If YOU want to master getting to the top of the Kindle rankings, this content, delivered in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, is the key.

Valued at $97.00 per month

However . . . this is just one part of the overall Kindle VIP program . . .

“Kindle Sales Page Creator WordPress Plugin . . . With Written-For-You Tested & Proven Templates”

kindlesalespagecreatorpluginIf you’ve ever published a Kindle book and been disappointed at the plain old boring sales page, which hasn’t been able to generate the landslide of sales you were hoping for, the Kindle Sales Page Creator WordPress Plugin is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The key to creating cash-spitting, appealing sales pages which look professional and lead to more sales of your Kindle books, this plugin is a quick and easy way to bypass the programming learning curve and get those sales pages humming! This breakthrough plugin:

  • Creates sizzling sales pages which almost leap off the screen, grab the reader’s attention and scream “This is for YOU . . . read this and your problem will be solved!”
  • Lets you use different colors on your Kindle sales page . . . no longer will your page blend in with all the other pages in a sea of plain black and white text, the right colors will grab the reader’s eyes and sell more books
  • You can even insert whatever images you want into the page! Virtually nobody else is able to insert these images because either they don’t know how to . . . or because they don’t have this unique plugin . . . but YOU do
  • Have you ever created a Kindle sales page and discovered once it was finished, it had gone over Amazon’s 4000 character limit? Now the Kindle plugin will count the characters for you and warn you when you go over – this will save YOU a ton of rewriting time and frustration
Kindle Sales Page Templates


YOU will receive 3 tested & proven, Killer Kindle sales page templates which you can use to create a sales page which will drive your readers to buy YOUR Kindle book over someone else’s – all you do is copy and paste the supplied text into the Kindle Sales Page Creator plugin, change the text to suit YOUR book, and in minutes YOU will have a professional, hot selling sales page . . . without having to learn advertising or copywriting principles for yourself – these powerful templates are worth $100 each by themselves

This is the real secret to success in the Kindle marketplace . . . if YOU can publish 10 books, each book only needs to sell one measly copy per day, and you’ve made 10 sales that day! If you have 50 books published . . . that’s 50 sales per day. How about if you have 100 books published, 1,000 books published, this is how I and my students make serious money on the Kindle platform without pinning our hopes on somehow striking it rich with a blockbuster book everyone in the world wants to buy.

Valued at $349.00

But wait . . . there’s more . . .

“Full Resale Rights To My 2 Best-Selling Products”

Resale Rights to 2 Laser Beam ProductsOK, this is where it gets exciting for YOU . . . and where I get to sweeten the deal to make sure you know just how valuable this whole thing is going to be for you.

One little-known secret I teach in the Kindle VIP program which I can reveal right here is: Don’t rely solely on the Kindle Marketplace to make money – the more distribution channels you have, the more money you are going to make. Just put up a very simple website and you’re open for business. However . . . what if YOU don’t have a product to sell? This is where I can help . . .

I’m giving YOU Full Resale Rights to my two best selling products – The Kindle Laser Beam course and The Advanced Kindle Laser Beam course! You read right – sell the products and YOU keep every cent of the money! Each resale license is worth $495.00 by itself so this is an extremely valuable bonus.

from Homburg
“When I bought the first Kindle Laser Beam Course by Colin, I was impressed by how the author had crunched lots of data to back up his arguments about how to optimize the formatting and pricing of Kindle books. He also provided a formula for relating Amazon’s rank to actual sales, and the level a publisher needs to reach to make Kindle books “self-sustaining” – ie generate an ongoing passive income.

I’m equally impressed by the sequel, the Advanced Kindle Laser Beam course. Refreshingly, this does not stamp the same ground, and nor does it repeat what I’ve read over and over again in other guides to Kindle. seems determined to present results based on his actual experiences rather than wishful thinking”

  • Both the Kindle Laser Beam course and the Advanced Kindle Laser Beam course have enjoyed a great run on the Warrior Forum as WSOs, they’ve proven beyond all doubt they’re desirable products which people already want to buy, so YOU should have no problem raking in sales!
  • One of the hardest parts of making money on the internet is creating product – this problem is now solved for YOU. Just take my proven product, you can add to it if you want, or just leave it as it is, and you’re instantly in business
  • One component of the Advanced course – the Kindle Sales Page Creator plugin! WordPress plugins are one of the hottest selling items on the internet today – there are so many WSOs and websites selling plugins, because people are looking for simple solutions to various problems, and now YOU can tap into this enormous market and offer a fantastic product which people will devour
  • No more to pay! When you start selling these products, no matter how many thousands of copies you sell, I want to make something absolutely crystal clear – YOU will NOT be required to pay me any royalties, commissions, kickbacks, there will be nothing to pay me at all at any stage

If YOU have ever wanted to start making money on the internet . . . but you didn’t know where to get something appealing to sell . . .this is going to be a fantastic bonus to get you started quickly and easily

Valued at $$990.00

Still more . . .

“Kindle Marketing Product Cheat Sheets”

kindle-product-cheat-sheetEvery day a new Kindle publishing product is released – but it seems impossible to keep up with all of them, right? Now YOU can find out about the best Kindle marketing products before you purchase them. . with a brand new Cheat Sheet each and every month.

Each month, I’ll personally review a quality Kindle marketing product, whether it’s an ebook, videos, whether it’s on the Warrior Forum or it’s own website, YOU will discover which products offer value for money, and which products don’t. Revealed Every Month:

  • Each product’s best points and how it’ll help YOU to boost your Kindle publishing business into the stratosphere . . . and if you’re better off without the product . . . I’ll let you know!
  • Simple to follow ratings system – in a nutshell, you’ll get a straightforward rating of the product as either a ‘Get This Now‘, a ‘May be worth a look‘ or a ‘Don’t bother‘ type of product. Either way . . . you’ll know
  • Easy-to-understand, detailed reviews every month, describing exactly which products to consider buying to increase your Kindle book sales quickly and easily

Military forces throughout history would never go into battle without knowing as much as possible about what the other side is doing – and in the battle to get to the top of the Kindle marketplace . . . YOU would be downright crazy to go without this information!

Valued at $47.00 per month

I’m not finished yet . . .

“All My Future Laser Beam Products 50% Off”

future-laser-beam-products-50%-offThis is another big advantage of the Kindle VIP program . . . YOU get a whopping 50% off of any and all Laser Beam products I release at any time in the future.

This is a discount which even WSO buyers don’t get . . . but as a Kindle VIP member . . YOU do:


  • Saves YOU hundreds of dollars per year, possibly even thousands, directly adding to your bottom line
  • Get the ultimate in Kindle Laser Beam marketing & publishing products at deeply discounted prices
  • Be the very first to get new information, new intelligence, new strategies to skyrocket your Kindle sales

I want YOU to realize you are a genuinely valued friend, as a Kindle VIP member . . . which is why I want to extend this ongoing offer to YOU for as long as you stick with us!

Valued at $???

Whew! It’s quite a package, and you will soon have every available tool to help you publish as many profitable Kindle books as you desire. You’ll have the members area updated weekly, the Kindle Sales Page Creator plugin with the written-for-you templates, the resale licenses and the cheat sheets, so you will not be short on information.

All up, you’re getting, from day one, $1,483.00 in genuine value, and this just in the first month. YOU GET unlimited access to the members area, YOU GET the unique Sales Page Creator plugin, YOU GET the written-for-you cash-spitting templates, YOU GET the resale rights licenses, YOU GET the cheat sheets every month and YOU GET the 50% discount off everything I ever produce from now on.

And on a monthly basis, YOU ALSO GET $144.00 in value each and every month for as long as you stick with me, with brand new, fresh content in the members area, as well as the monthly cheat sheets so YOU can spy on the competition without having to buy their products.

So you can see how I could easily charge an up front price of $400 to $500 or even more, and $100 to $200 every month, and it would still be a sizable discount from the true value. However . . . I’m not going to ask for $500, or $100, or $97, or $49, I’m not even going to ask you to commit to the monthly $27 at first . . .

Because all you have to say is ‘maybe

I’m not looking for a ‘yes’ today, all you have to say is ‘maybe there’s something here‘, maybe there’s a different way to make serious money on the internet, maybe this information will help me sell more Kindle books in a month than most publishers sell in a year . . .

14-Day Risk Free $3 Trial

from razztek
“What I liked best about this course was that he gives you hard data that you can act upon immediately. He shows you exactly what to do to help rank your book higher and get more sales. He shows you how to do each step. It’s all laid out in easy-to-understand plain English that anyone can implement starting today. In fact, I’ve got a few books that I will be using these methods on to help them start making more sales. While his examples in the book are non-fiction, I write mostly fiction (except for one non-fiction book), so I will start off by testing these methods on my fiction books, but because the methods he uses are not really exclusive to either fiction or non-fiction, I believe that I will see very similar results to his once I get going.

Overall I would give this 5/5 stars. Maybe it’s because I’m a stats/numbers/math guy and I appreciate all that he’s done, but in the end it just makes sense. Obviously there is no guarantee that by using these methods you’ll suddenly start tripling sales. It does depend on other things like the quality of your writing, the cover, reviews, etc. But your chances of success (i.e. selling more books) are DRASTICALLY increased if you just follow his methods. BUY THIS.”

For those who register now, I want to extend to you a genuinely risk-free offer – which means YOU will be able to try-before-you-buy and sample what I’ve got to offer, see for yourself is what I say is true, and get into the member’s area without having to invest in the usual monthly membership . . . for only a modest $3 trial investment, YOU will have 14 days, 2 whole weeks, to look through my content, download some bonuses, then if, and only if you are happy to stay with me will you be charged the regular $27 a month for your membership.

Remember, I’m not simply providing you with a CD-ROM of crappy ebooks and slapping as high a figure on them as I dare, like some less scrupulous marketers.

Plugins can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to produce, and nobody else is selling this plugin. And the templates must be written by a professional copywriter, whose fees can often shock and dismay the unprepared.

What’s more, the 2 resale rights licenses you’re getting are the result of months of my hard work, creativity, blood, sweat and tears, they are proven products which I know for a fact, people want to buy, they are in fact an instant internet business in a box.

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