What the Iron Lady Can Teach Us Still

So, the Iron Lady herself is dead. There are not many people who don’t have an opinion about Margaret Thatcher but one things for sure, she was driven to do what she believed to be the right course of action.

Remember the falling out that the UK had with the Argentinians about the Falklands Islands?

She was advised that an attempt to retake the Islands would be impossible. She then directed the task force from over 8000 miles away to get on with it and we all know the result.

The Argentinians have been vocal about it again recently but no sign of actual action to try and take the Islands back again!

We can all take a leaf out of her book in my opinion. Why have a job where some dick-head treats you like crap and you have to take it. All because you have no other option.

You have no other option because you have taken no action give yourself other options.


You simply must take action to give yourself other income streams. Without it you are solely reliant on your job and your dick-head boss for your money. And we all know what that feels like.

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