Why do Jobs Suck?

I got to thinking that jobs suck a long time ago. In my world a “job” is simply an exchange of time for money and this is where the whole idea starts to fall apart for me. If I have to keep exchanging my time for money then its always going to be a hamster wheel…….keep running if you want to get paid. I have a real problem with this and its really time to move to more modern thinking.

The problem I have is that “jobs” are a complete waste of human potential. Take a look at people on your way to work – how many look happy and fulfilled? Not many I bet?¬† The Lottery is popular for a reason.

Life should be much more about spending time with other humans and enjoying the learning and social interaction that results.

I love to read and two books I came across recently took these thoughts to another level. The two books were:

Get Out While You Can: Escape The Rat Race

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

George takes the idea of a “job” and tears it apart. As he says

Karl Marx got it wrong.

Religion isn’t the opium of the masses. Work is

Now that really got me thinking about the amount of time we spend away from those we love – spouses, children, parents – and all in the name of a job and work. The idea is totally flawed.

Michael’s book discusses that to be really free you should work ON a business and not IN a business. The example he gives is McDonalds and he takes a detailed look at why they are so successful. He proposes that a successful business is one that continues even when you are not there.

So if jobs suck – what’s the alternative?

Now this really got me thinking – everyone needs money to live and few enjoy having a job and exchanging masses of their time for that money. So what is needed is a way of spending some time and earning money from that one use of time over and over again. The same chunk of time should continually earn you money. How best to do this?

It seemed to me that the recent innovation of the internet probably offered a solution. Here was a medium that is used by billions of people and the real advantage is that most if not all business processes could be automated. Businesses are pretty simple when you break them down. Find a need, then satisfy it at the minimum cost while still giving the customer what they need. The internet can be used to do this – you can reach millions of people without leaving your home. You can satisfy their needs. You can do this at almost zero cost.

All this led me to write three books – books which present ways of exchanging the same¬†fixed chunk of time working and earning money time after time. Each book represent a milestone in my thought processes…….

The first book was How to Build an Article Writing Business and Earn $100 an Hour!

I love to write and most writers earn peanuts from their craft. The book develops a series of lessons which demonstrate that its absolutely possible to earn $100 an hour from writing…….

The second was The Google News Bible – Get Massive Traffic Without Work! and concentrated on the idea of creating websites which would appear on page one of Google for hundreds of search terms without the need to build backlinks or other SEO techniques. Such websites would also attract thousands of visitors without the owner actually doing any work at all.

The third book was Lazy Passive Earnings, and it provides a detailed account of buying established websites which are already making an income. It provides a detailed step by step method that you can follow to create yourself a passive income.

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