Why Sebastian Vettel was Right!

The recent heavy snow here in the UK made it a weekend of staying in and chilling out with the family. It’s been a busy time lately what with planning a new “Laser Beam” product and a ton of other internet marketing stuff, so I did one of those things that I almost never do…….I watched TV! 

Even worse than that, I watched Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Normally I find that I’d rather watch paint dry….far more exciting.

This time it was different….. Mark Webber led from lap six, and Sebastian Vettel kept asking the Red Bull management to make Webber move over for him. Quite right. If you’re not good enough to win then move over and get the hell out of there.

Vettel is a very driven (hey pardon the pun) guy and he knows he is the best racing driver in the world. So he rightly ignored “the management”, left Webber in his wake and won the race.
Webber then behaved like a spoilt child. 

Now I find that there are demands for Vettel to be banned for a period for daring to win!

Give me a break will ya. 

The rules are the same the world over.

The winners win and the losers cry. Period.

The beauty is that you choose to be either one or the other.

People whine that

  • “the world’s not fair”, or
  • “I’ve been made redundant”, or
  • “it’s the government’s fault”.
Wise up. It ain’t nobodies fault but your own.

Tough line? You betcha.

If you wanna start taking control then jump into my VIP Members Area.

If not then carry on doing what you’re doing.

You’ll get the same results as you are getting now.

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