Will You Queue on the Steps at Midnight?

I was told many years ago, by a very wise, rich and happy man, that you could stand on the steps of the local town hall at midnight and give out the secrets of wealth generation …..and most people could not be arsed to turn up.
Now ain’t that the truth.
An as example ……..
I offered to provide free advice on any aspect of making money online, be it with Kindle e-books, membership sites, product development, Amazon FBA selling or anything else. 
This stuff has taken me 7 years to learn and over ten thousand pounds (which is even more dollars) I made mistakes – lots of them but I kept going.
How many people bothered to vote about what they wanted to learn?………just 10. 
Yup, 10 people managed to click on the link to the site and then click again once to vote.
I rest my case m’lud…………….TEN PEOPLE…………..
If you were one of those ten then you are on your way to success because you have already started to differentiate yourselves from the lazy, the whiners and whingers, the losers and the deadbeats.
Think I’m being too hard? Tough. The people who succeed are the people who REALLY want to.
Till next time…….
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